Major in english minor in creative writing

The department fosters the ability to enjoy and understand literature and cultivates the knowledge and sensitivity needed to explore great texts — from ancient literature through film and multi-media forms.

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Either Honors or one independent study can count as one workshop. We also serve a broad range of non-English majors with courses in expository writing, humanities, general education literature and film, honors composition and literature, creative writing, linguistics, children's literature, and technical writing.

At least two workshops must be taken in the same genre fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, creative non-fiction ; students are encouraged to continue study in the same genre as the Intro but this is not a requirement.

At least two courses concentrating mainly on prose. Sure—we know there are exceptions. Initial Required Courses All students interested in the Creative Writing Major must take two introductory writing courses, one in poetry ENG and one in either fiction or creative nonfictionbefore applying to the program.

EIU Majors, Minors, and Graduate Programs

As we mentioned in this recent articlethe English major has a PR problem. The second half of the sequence in each genre is devoted to intensive writing of a longer original work-a poem of at least lines or an essay or novella of 50 to 70 pages.

Participants in the program take four workshops sequentially during their undergraduate careers, plus one upper-level English literature course of their choice.

Students admitted directly to a level workshop must take three workshops 9 credits at the level. At least two courses in writing of the 19th century or earlier. Applications are available online and in the Department of English office University Hall at the beginning of spring quarter.

See what's out there. Students may apply for admission to the sequence courses no earlier than the spring of their sophomore year.

How Much Money Do English Majors Make?

Negotiate your salary seriously. Creative nonfiction students focus on essay forms, logical method, authorial tone, and techniques of discourse and description.

So, What Can I Do With an English Degree?

Film students gain skills in critical analysis and writing that can be useful for a broad range of career paths in the arts industry and beyond. No preference in admission is currently given to those who apply to the sequences, though there are later opportunities open only to Creative Writing Majors, including participation in senior honors, one-on-one conferences with visiting writers-in-residence, and the winter senior readings series.

These two options are called the ascending melodic minor scale and descending melodic minor scale. These industry professionals have included: But if we don't see the immense value in our own degrees, why should the average employer?

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Majors & Minors

These two options are called the ascending melodic minor scale and descending melodic minor scale. There are jobs for those with English degrees out there, but like any degree in any subject, it can sometimes be a real challenge to find a job. Students may count toward the English major one four-credit, upper-level French or Spanish literature course; this course will count as four undistributed ENG credit hours.Please double-check the URL, or try our site search at the top-right corner of this page.

Or you can visit one of these popular BigFuture pages: Home Page. what you'll learn. The creative writing major is designed for students who wish to pursue careers as writers of imaginative literature: fiction, poetry, the essay and drama.

Writing Minor

The major is also good preparation for students who want to teach creative writing, for those who seek careers as editors, or for students who simply strive to find creative. See For park-like acres, proximity to downtown Indianapolis, and two new state-of-the-art housing facilities, our campus has it best way to get a feel for what life here at Butler is like is to experience it firsthand.

Take a group tour of our #BUtiful campus. Meet some of our current students. Watch the Bulldogs compete at Hinkle Fieldhouse or the Sellick Bowl.

Fields of Study. Eastern Illinois University offers a variety of majors and minors, the role of undergraduate majors in the curriculum is to ensure that all graduates have experienced the challenges and rewards of studying an academic discipline or interdisciplinary subject in considerable depth.

The Creative Writing Major is designed to focus on developing students’ own writing and critical skills through workshops, craft courses, and courses in literature and literary analysis. Students build their skillsets in writing, creativity, critical thinking, research, and independent thinking.

Careers and the Value of an English Major is a website dedicated to career possibilities for English majors, featuring interviews with English majors working in many fields. See our own Chris Strom's (B.A.

F-sharp major

M.A. ) interview here.

Major in english minor in creative writing
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