An analysis of doctor campbells response to the moral dilemma of the physician assisted suicide

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Since the primary goal and intention of administering these medications is to relieve suffering, the secondary outcome of potentially hastening death is recognized as an expected and acceptable side-effect in a terminally ill patient.

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Recently, Bonnie Steinbock has argued that there is still not a convincing case to support the legalisation of doctor‐assisted suicide. 1 The argument is framed in consequentialist terms: rather than contend that there is something intrinsically wrong with mercy killing itself, caution is.

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There nevertheless appears to persist a 'Romantic' notion of suicide, in which one who successfully commits suicide is somehow ennobled, particularly if his (or her) suicide can be seen to be a symbol or message speaking to society.

An analysis of doctor campbells response to the moral dilemma of the physician assisted suicide
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